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Established in 2009, Trinity Group, Inc. stands as a thriving conglomerate headquartered in the heart of Austin, Texas, extending its influence across a spectrum of industries including Real Estate, Development, Construction, Management, Media, Trading, Healthcare, and Hospitality.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every facet of our services. Whether you're on the quest for your dream home, exploring investment opportunities, or seeking a seamless buying and selling experience, Trinity Texas Realty and Trinity Texas Property Management are here to guide you through the process effortlessly. From crafting your dream commercial space to efficiently leasing your properties, we are dedicated to making your visions a reality.

Trinity Group initially set its foundation in Realty, gradually expanding into Property Management, Construction, and Media. Our foray into the Media Industry marked a significant milestone with the successful launch of Flowers TV USA, setting unprecedented benchmarks in the South Indian media landscape.

We firmly believe that a satisfied customer is the epitome of success, and every client brings intrinsic value to our business. Our gratitude extends to our guarantor clients, instrumental in propelling us to the prominent position we hold today.

For all your real estate, investment, and management needs, reach out to us and become an integral part of the Trinity Family. With years of unwavering experience, we guarantee satisfaction in every aspect of our association.

Sijo Vadakkan

Sijo Vadakkan

  • Sijo Vadakkan, the dynamic Founder and Chairman of Trinity Group, embodies a journey from realtor to property management expert, successful movie producer, and now a triumphant player in the construction and development industry. Arriving in the U.S. in 2004 with a master's degree in business and real estate experience, Sijo's passion for innovation led him to create a conglomerate spanning Real Estate, Construction, Media, Healthcare, and Hospitality. Transitioning seamlessly from real estate to filmmaking, Sijo founded Trinity Media Productions, aiming to create entertaining movies and reality shows with impactful social messages. His visionary leadership has propelled Trinity Group to success in diverse industries. Beyond professional achievements, Sijo Vadakkan is committed to family, community, and a life lived to the fullest. His ability to dream beyond boundaries and continuous self-challenge defines Trinity Group's success, with Sijo Vadakkan at the helm, steering the group to new heights of accomplishment in every venture.

Our services

Real Estate & Property Management

Unlocking Dreams and Streamlining Investments – Trinity Texas Realty and Trinity Texas Property Management, where every property transaction is a seamless experience.

Construction & Development

Transforming Visions into Reality – Trinity Group’s Construction and Development Division pioneers excellence in every project, shaping the future of spaces.

Media & Entertainment

Entertainment Redefined – Trinity Media Productions, where storytelling meets innovation, delivering captivating content with a social message.


Elevating Healthcare Experiences – Trinity Group’s commitment to excellence in healthcare for a healthier and happier community.


Creating Exceptional Experiences – Trinity Hospitality, where every stay becomes a memorable journey in comfort and luxury.

15 +
Years of Experience
6000 +
Realty Transactions
1 Billion
in Realty Sales
movie productions
Austin Business Journal

Austin Business Journal

" A home sold almost every day: How Realtor Sijo Vadakkan taps Indian roots, tech connections to be a linchpin in N. Austin "
Austin Business Journal

Austin Business Journal

Residential Real Estate Awards (RRE) 2023 Sijo Vadakkan

Texas Association of Builders

Texas Association of Builders

Texas Association of Builders 2022 Star Awards

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